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Transforming and modeling data into valuable insights help to create data-driven culture

In the modern environment data modeling and transformation into visual reporting became unattachable part of modern organization that enables data-driven decision making. Power BI, tool by Microsoft has strong capability to create data-centric culture by empowering dashboards, reports and creating multiple data-oriented solutions using Azure Analytics. Benefits of such an integration can be seen across all departments such as Finance, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Operations & Management and HR.

It aims to efficiency and process optimization by discovering business opportunities that can reduce cost, increase margin, track certain processes of sales and further, assist in organizational strategy development. We offer variety of Power BI related services.

Power BI Implementation (Modeling, Visualization and Reporting)

The certified professionals of our team are capable of modeling any metrics for KPI monitoring or any custom request can be modeled based on available data for managerial dashboards. Further, reporting can be implemented through optimization of raw data and by implementing required calculations. Reporting and dashboards can become main reporting tool of your organization and support data-centric culture for future actions. With Microsoft Power BI we can connect to any kind of data source to build real-time and dynamic dashboards which can be shared within the organization. In order to make the maximum use of data we built Analytical Dashboards in cloud based technologies by using complex modeling and programming.

Power BI Consulting (On-Demand)

Our Business Intelligence experts have significant background in Microsoft technologies, capable of providing you with professional Power BI Consulting services, develop complex analytics models, flexible BI dashboards and architect any kind of data integration for your decision-making insights. Certified experts are ready to assist your in-house development team on any matter and provide continues support to empower knowledge for your team.

  • Proven Power BI consulting experts ready to assist you based on your own BI Team ideas

  • Consulting based on your real work applied cases

  • Individual customer approach with dedicated consultant only for your company

  • Immediate on-site Consulting

Why Power BI ?

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based set of business intelligence technologies and tools, that will deliver valuable insights to your organisation. By connecting Power BI to Dynamics 365 you can leverage your data to build dashboards & reports that will give you insights into the following:

  • Building live & rich Dashboards – Monitor your important data from across your organization

  • Interactive Data visualizations – Charts, Maps, Graphs, etc

  • Performance and monitoring of IoT devices

  • Inventory levels and forecasts of Sales and Stock

  • Monitoring of business process ( Supply Chain, Finance, Sales, Stock and etc.)

Power BI imports data from over 200+ sources such as SQL, Access, Excel, Google Analytics as well as from unstructured data from web, devices spreadsheets or cloud based technologies

Get Sample Reports

After thorough research of your data and its infrastructure our Power BI consultants and business will create a BI strategy and roadmap to address your organization’s problems related to unexploited data and help you achieve all your business objectives through informed decision making. View Samples

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