Data Audit

To understand data structure in organization for any possible reporting, we conduct data audit

In a modern organization data gathering and management are a vital part of its performance and other aspects. To efficiently manage data and fully realize it is potential an organization must be aware of it is structure, location, condition, and value of it is asset. Conducting an audit will enhance the knowledge on this matter and raising awareness on all required points to improve overall strategy and benefit for stakeholders. It is vital for organization to understand inadequacies in data creation and curation practices with relevant suggestions on further structuring. Especially, useful for holding companies to consolidate data from multiple ERP or reporting sources and prepare report & analysis for stakeholders. An organization that is knowledgeable of it is data can maximize the value out of it if properly handled and aligned with organizational goals and objectives.

NDAF is designed to perform on business level and functional level equally for the purpose of corporate level. The framework collects required data and it’s related procedures in order to identify key points that are only related with data origin, transfer/streamlining method, type(qualitative/quantitative), form(paper/digital), format(SQL, structured…), certain key data specific criteria and etc... Certain business specific or function specific criteria(pre-determined) can be added before conducting audit in order to enhance the overview. Digital map of data flow will be prepared and visual dashboard structured to emphasize key parameters.

Objectives & Outcome

The main objective of NDAF is to bring broad overview of current data structure as described above, enhance understanding of currently possible metrics and reports that could be structured according to current state, in addition propose recommendations for proper structuring and reorganization of data structure. Download Full Description

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